Perched Cardinal


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He came gliding in, the paragon of grace and beauty, for his landing. Although he was utterly silent, my eyes were immediately drawn to him: after all, how could you miss a bright red cardinal amongst the greenery?

I’ve always had a thing for cardinals. They are that certain color of red, cardinal red for lack of a better term, that stands out. This bird is not afraid to be who he is, that’s for sure. There’s also the feathers on the top of their heads that stand up just so: perhaps a bad feather day on any other bird, but absolutely fitting on this fine fellow. And there is their attitude as well, for they are perfectly sure of themselves, bright, inquisitive and overall a very enjoyable bird to watch.

He perched there on the cholla in southern Arizona and just looked at me. We watched each other for a little while, for neither of us was in much of a hurry. During the course of our “discussion” I made this photograph; all the while he knew what I was up to, of course, and made sure I photographed his good side. We sat there for a while, luxuriating in the sun. When I blinked, however, the cactus was empty once again. That was OK, since I knew he would be back soon.

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