Pelicanus Assemblyness


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Some photographs are serious, presenting the world in a light that makes us deeply ponder the subject. Other photographs represent a breathtaking landscape in all its glory, and the best of those scarcely let us draw a breath. Others are abstract. And, well, there are as many different photographs as there are photographers. And then there is Pelecanus Assemblyness.

This pelican line is one of my favorite images. I was watching a pod of Pelicans in Buffalo Bill State Park in Wyoming. They would line up in a line, single file, mostly, then one by one take off from the other end. While waiting their turn, I was struck by how…impatient they patiently waited. Each one seemed to do its own thing, or look in a random direction, or get distracted by something, or work on something in its feathers, or look at the sky, and, well, you get the idea. I loved the whimsy of the ever-changing line, and thus was born Pelecanus Assemblyness.

I hope you find the whimsey and the wonder in this photograph every time you look at it and that it brings a smile to you each time you look at it.

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