Peek-A-Boo Elk


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“Whatcha doin?”

I about jumped out of my skin, for, after all, I wasn’t exactly expecting to be spoken to just then. All my attention had been focused on the sunset in front of me, and, well, most of the time Elk don’t really talk much. Turning to the young fellow, though, I explained that I was trying to make a picture of this amazing sunset here at the Grand Canyon.

“Oh.” was all he said in response to that, and he continued to peek over the top of the other Elk who was simply enjoying the sunset. The sun continued to creep lower and in a moment it would be perfect. But just as I was getting ready to finally get the perfect shot, a loud, and very startling “NOW!” broke the spell. I jumped about a mile, straight up. The camera went flying (but I caught it), and I was left breathless. Glancing at him with a questioning look, he said (gently this time) “now it is perfect.” Indeed it was, and so the moment was captured, the camera put away, and equipment quickly stowed.

And with that, we all watched the sun slip below the horizon in companionable silence.

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