Peek-A-Boo Deer


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As a small child, there are many games we love to play. Perhaps, though, one of the more popular ones is the venerable game of “Peak-A-Boo.” You know, the one where you hide your face in your hands, then reveal your face yelling “PEAK-A-BOO” in an overly loud voice, scaring the child in question, drawing puzzling looks from everyone around you, and summoning the authorities all in one fell swoop?

Er, anyway. The point is that you hide behind something which clearly doesn’t hide you, on the assumption that the child doesn’t figure it out.

As best as I can figure, this deer knows Peak-A-Boo, too, because clearly, hiding behind that small branch really, really didn’t work out too well for the deer. On the other hand, it worked out for me really well.

Peak-A-Boo! (But I said it in a really quiet voice)

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