Orange Fence


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The sun was bright that morning—brighter than normal by far, it seemed, although perhaps that just my imagination. In any event, the brightness worked well to my advantage.

I was just outside of Aspen, Colorado, one of my very favorite places to look for aspen at. I know the area quite well, or at least I would like to think that I know the area well. Be that as it may, I headed for one particular strand of aspen that I knew would look good this morning.

I was not disappointed. The sun lit up this stand of aspen perfectly. Even better, the stand was reflecting a beautiful, subtle, orange glow which I thought was absolutely wonderful. The orange tones throughout the scene made a spectacular view even better, if that was at all possible. But for me, it is the small fence running up a tiny hill and then off into the distance. The dappled sunlight streamed through the trees and onto the forest floor, completing the scene.

There is something about aspen that touches all of us. This scene touched me, deeply, and as soon as I saw it I knew it would become Orange Fence.

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