Orange Aspen


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I absolutely adore this photograph. And I should, because I had been looking to make this photograph for the longest time. I had been looking for the perfect set up, which to me meant finding aspen leaves that were on the orange side, and lit perfectly. As easy as that sounds, as it turns out, it was far from easy.

This photograph was made on Grand Mesa, Colorado. Grand Mesa is a high, flat area which has incredible views. Although it is not known for its aspen, it does have them all the same. I meandered through its aspens, looking for the right ones, and failing to find what I was seeking. I continued on. I eventually went down an out of the way dirt road, which at first appeared promising, but quickly went the other way. Worse, the sun, which had been dodging the clouds all day, finally lost its game and was now hidden behind thick, dark storm clouds. Even if I found what I was looking for it would not work out. I pressed on anyway.

As I went further down the road I saw a beautiful orange stand off in the distance. It looked promising from afar, but I would know for certain as I got there. When I did, my hopes were realized, and I was looking at some of the best orange leaves I had seen in a very long time. Just at that very moment, the sun, as if sensing my need, popped out for a moment, and orange aspen was made.

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