Ocotillo Cardinal


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Many people, especially those who are not familiar with the Southwest, think of the desert as a dry, dusty place, full of blowing sands and tumbleweeds. While that description is certainly accurate it is often not the entire story, either, for the desert is capable of great beauty. One just has to know where, and importantly, when to look.

During the spring, for example, the desert comes into bloom. The meager rainfall is enough to green up the cactus, and as soon as 48 hours after a rain the desert can completely transform itself from endless brown to something approaching lush green. Many of the cactus produce flowers as well, adding bright splashes of color to the now green desert. This time of transformation might not last long, however, but while it is in progress it is a marvel to behold.

This male cardinal in southern Arizona certainly must think the desert is colorful, although by landing on an ocotillo flower he is added his bright color to the bright color of the cactus flower.

The cardinal flew away; the flower faded, but the memory of both lives on.

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