Navajo Arch


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Arches National Park in Utah is known for, of course, its arches. With over two thousand documented arches within the park, how does one possibly pick their favorite? Do you go for the most well-known arch, Delicate Arch? Do you go for the longest arch, Landscape Arch, that has a span of about three hundred feet? Or do you go from smaller, yet picturesque ones, that you can find scattered throughout the park? It is not an easy decision.

For me, the decision is more of a transitory one, as I enjoy the variety of the arches. However, one of my all time favorite arches in Navajo Arch, located in the Devil’s Garden area of the park. It certainly isn’t the biggest arch of them all, that’s for sure, and when you walk under it you can jump up and touch the top. What it lacks for size, however, it more than makes up in charm.

I particularly enjoy this view of Navajo Arch; the tree in front of it, vibrant and green from the spring’s rains, seems to keep the arch company, for it must be lonely in there in the far reaches of the park. The companions share the small space together, there among the red rock, and their red and green colors perfectly compliment each other.

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