Mountainous Serenity


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Beauty is all around us, of course, each and every day. All we have to do is take a moment and we will find something amazing, something beautiful and something wonderful. But now and then beauty comes right up and hits you over the head, too. Just like in this case.

This is the backside of Taos Mountain in New Mexico on a cold January afternoon, just after a snowstorm the previous day. Approaching it from within the Carson National Forest you never see it coming. One moment you are driving through the forest, admiring it, with no idea of lies just ahead. You wind up a narrow road: up, and up, and up, and before long you wonder if perhaps you are headed into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Before that thought has completely settled, however, you round a corner, and begin to head down. A small pullout in the road can be seen, but that’s all the notice you get.

And then it happens. Completely without warning, the view stuns you and takes your breath away. The sweeping vista before you, in stark whites and strong blues, with that cloud hanging around just so, draws you in, keeps you, and prevents you from breathing. New Mexico is full of hidden treasures in unexpected places; this is but one such place. Beauty is, after all, everywhere around us.

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