Moraine’s Light


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Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, is probably best known for its wildlife, especially elk. People come from all over the country during the rutting season to bear witness to the spectacle of the rut; the mighty bull elk bugling across the mountain tops, calling to any who might dare to listen, and the ferocity of the battle for supremacy amongst those that answered the call.

Yet, Rocky Mountain National Park has much more to offer than wildlife; it is home to some of the most incredible mountain views anywhere, bar none. One overcast fall day, while waiting for a herd of elk in the Moraine Park area, the clouds above me began to break up and move apart. As they did, I could tell that the sun was about ready to make an appearance. This was all the incentive I needed!

Positioning myself along a bend of the Big Thompson River I waited to see what would happen. Eventually, my patience was rewarded and the sun did indeed break through the clouds. However, when looking at the scene, I was struck not by the color, but the overall tonality and I realized that it was best represented in black and white. Here then, is Moraine’s Light, a reminder of the extraordinary beauty that can be found in the park.

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