Monumental Sunrise

The air, like everything else, was completely still. Perhaps it was the chill of the pre-dawn morning that kept it quiet. Perhaps it was the anticipation of the spectacle that was to come. Either way, the anticipation grew as the first faint glow appeared over the distant horizon.

It took just one glimpse to realize that this morning was going to be a special one. There was a certain reddish hue that foreshadowed the true reds that would be coming soon. The quietness continued as the distant glow quickly grew in intensity.

In what seemed but a moment, the sky was filled with cacophony of intense reds, oranges, and yellows as the fiery dawn stormed over Monument Valley. The stalwart buttes called The Mittens stood strong against the onslaught, but even they were overwhelmed by the intensity. Preferring to pick a different battle, they stayed dark and silent, their silhouettes providing a stark contrast to the maelstrom above.

As quickly as it came, the dawn slipped away into full daylight. The clouds dissipated into wispy strands, allowing the blue skies to have the day. It was a monumental sunrise to remember.

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