Monumental Spires


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The iconic landscape of Monument Valley is immediately recognizable. The classic desert floor, with its red sands and sparse vegetation provide the base of the scenery. The buttes and spires that lift up from the sands, heaven bound, provide a startling contrast. And the deep desert skies, not always clear blue, work to frame the top of the scene.

There is beauty all around you, wherever you look, as far as the eye can see. It is almost overwhelming in its intensity, yet after a while, you settle into the landscape and begin to understand it in its whole. At that point, individual vignettes begin to present themselves to you.

As a case point, this one. This small clump of spires reach for the clouds, seemingly touching them. Their brethren buttes in the background stand strong against time, not reaching for the sky, but certainly not going anywhere quickly, either. It is this contrast, this poignancy, that caught my eye and was the inspiration for Monumental Spires.

Monument Valley is a breathtaking location, and represents well the desert Southwest.

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