Monumental Goodnight


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The world, just after the sun sets, completely changes. The creatures and the denizens of the daylight hours give way to the mysteries and mayhem of the night. For who knows what lurks there in the darkness?

But the time of transition is also a time of magic in the land. The colors ebb and flow–quickly, far too quickly–transitioning, sometimes, from the golden yellows to the purples to the reds and beyond. Once the sun has set, then the nighttime blues and deeper tones come alive, but briefly, ever briefly, as darkness claims and rules the land.

This is Monument Valley after the sun has set. There isn’t a lot of color left in this particular sunset, save the very one I wanted the most. Blue. And a whole lot of it. This is a personal piece for me. It represents the last gasp of the day. Long after most people have stopped looking, well, that’s the time when the magic happens. And so it is with this piece. The peace; the serenity; the creep of the evening all come alive. Rather than capture this scene while there was more light, this is, to me, far more representative of what it looks like the moment before darkness reigns supreme. It is a time of reflection, of contemplation, of silence. And so… with that, may you have a Monumental Goodnight.

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