Monument Shuffle


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The horses were in a hurry, that’s for sure.

Deep in the heart of Monument Valley, in the Navajo Nation, there isn’t a lot of foraging for the horses. Deep, shifting sand dunes stack up against the tall mesa walls, and a horse will find nothing useful in these areas.

Unfortunately, for this small band of horses, they were on one side of the dunes, and they had made up their minds that the grasses were greener on the other side of the dunes. In truth, they had the right of it, and the grasses were, in fact, greener there. Horses are very smart, much smarter then many give them credit for, and when it comes to their next meal, they are very smart indeed.

There was simply nothing for it, and without much dissension, they shuffled off across the dunes, using a quick, efficient, trot, which can make mincemeat out of miles.

The journey was not a long one, and they spent the rest of the day happy with their newfound location.

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