Molas Pass


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As you travel in your car from Durango, Colorado, to Silverton, Colorado, you’ll most likely be on the Million Dollar Highway, also known as US 550. As you travel up and down the mountains, you’ll crest several passes, among them the 10,899 foot summit of Molas Pass. You might stop and take a quick look around, then hurry on your way. But hopefully, you’ll stop and linger here, for the views are nothing short of phenomenal.

If you close your eyes for a moment, you can still hear the miners and travelers through history. The clank and creak of the wagons as they were laboriously hauled up and through the pass. Perhaps you can hear the sounds of weary travelers taking a break, and watering their horses at one of the small, but welcome, lakes here. Perhaps you can hear the hammers pounding as small repairs are made before the horses are hitched back up and the journey resumed. Perhaps you can hear later in history the sound of blasting as the Million Dollar Highway itself was prepared for today’s travelers. The sounds of the jackhammers cutting through the mountainside itself. And perhaps all is quiet and you can hear the wind whistle to itself, the solitude and beauty of the pass echoing through history. As you pull away, remember well those who have passed this way before you.

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