Mischievous Fox


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Who knows what mischief lurks behind these deceptively docile eyes. For, after all, we are looking at Romeo, and yes, Romeo is a fox. A Red Fox, to be precise, and all fox.

I encountered Romeo at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Ramah, NM. The wonderful folks over at WSWS (as they like to abbreviate it) are all about the rescue of wolves, their rehabilitation, and their long term care. After all, someone has to the look after the wolves, and wolves are their passion. But wait. Romeo is a fox, so what is a fox doing in a wolf sanctuary, and is there a henhouse nearby?

As it turns out, the WSWS has a deep soft spot for almost any animal in need. Romeo started life as a house pet (hint: bad idea), and that just didn’t work out. Having nowhere else to go, and very limited options, the very kind folks here built a specific enclosure just for him. Although he is not tending to chickens, Romeo has quite a lot to keep him busy. Luckily for me, he took time out from his day to talk with me, pose for me, and spend a few moments.

He never did tell me what he was up to. But I think I might be better off not knowing, too. Sly like a fox, indeed!

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