Milky Panorama


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The vastness of space fascinates everyone, myself included. I often look up into dark night sky and wonder what is out there in the great beyond. What worlds might be orbiting those distant stars? Might there, indeed, be life of some sort on one of those worlds? Is there anyone out there in that beyond looking back at me?

This view on the Milky Way is one that I see quite often. I like how the Milky Way starts on the left then trails off into the center of the scene, drawing me even further into the cosmos. As I stare up, I begin to see more and more stars, which of course, gives me more and more questions to think about.

Sometimes, too, I think about out past and about how all those who came before us stood on a dark night looking up at the same scene. Transcending space and time it seems as if I am standing side by side with our ancestors, staring up at the Milky Way; the scene has remained unchanged since humans have begun looking at it.

May you always find a sense of wonderment as you, too, stare out at the stars and beyond.

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