McWay’s Paradise


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There are places—places of extraordinary beauty—tucked into the most unexpected places, if only one knows where, and sometimes when, to look. McWay’s Falls falls, no pun intended, somewhere in the middle of blindingly obvious and maidenly obscure.

This eighty foot waterfall is exceptionally beautiful; McWay Creek, a small creek, flows serenely through the Big Sur area of California when suddenly it plunges over a cliff and directly onto a small and completely inaccessible beach. Before 1983 it plunged directly into the ocean, an even rarer occurrence, but fires and landslides created the beach. It is possible, even probable, however, that the falls were artificially created in the 1920s to provide a more scenic view for a house overlooking it.

In any event, however, looking through the portal created by an overhanging eucalyptus tree gives the effect of peering through the trees into a lost paradise beyond. Considering that few humans now actually go to the beach, the lost paradise idea isn’t as far fetched as it seems. The beauty of the falls, the white sandy beach, and the turquoise waters reminds us that amazing places are all around us, and finding them always brings that thrill, rush, and excitement of adventure.

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