Malpais Light


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The end of the day brings dramatic change to the landscape, at least for some days. Today was certainly one of the better days.

A few moments ago this scene was, at best, simply average. Sure, the view was absolutely stunning and you could see for miles and miles. And of course, the sheer awe of the massive rock face took your breath away. And, of course, it gave you a deep sense of awe to even think about the ancient forces that carved this landscape, and… hmm… upon thinking about it, it is an extraordinary scene no matter what. But add in some end of the day magic and an extraordinary place transcends any way to adequately describe it.

We are in El Malpais National Monument, located in western New Mexico. These tall sandstone bluffs perfectly reflect the end of the day lighting and add their own color and feel. After all, if you are 200 feet tall, you too can add your own opinion to the day. To be fair, not every day’s end provides this sort of spectacle, but for the fortunate few who venture here, you are sometimes rewarded.

This day I was virtually alone, but that’s OK, for I had the bluffs and light to keep me company.

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