Mallard Serenity


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There are moments in time which stand out for everyone. Sometimes, it is such an intense moment that it is forever etched into your memory, for better or worse. Sometimes these are monumental events and sometimes, they are fleeting at best. Mallard Serenity, for me, is certainly in the latter category.

I was at Silver Lake, which is almost at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Watasch National Forest, Utah. Silver Lake is a popular destination, and it is a high alpine lake. There are trails all around the lake, and you can hear the delighted echoes of the young, and old, from all around. It is not a place one would expect to encounter wildlife.

Yet, there on one side of the lake was a lush, rich, stand of marsh grasses. As I was looking at a pathway seemingly carved through the growth, and wondering why a passageway would exist right there, the answer came floating by. Literally. A female mallard, the very definition of grace, beauty and calm, floated by without a whisper, and equally silently disappeared again into the vegetation.

Every time I look at this photograph, I am reminded that beauty is always right there with us.

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