Lubbock Windmills


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As you whizz by the big open fields of the American West, perhaps there is no more iconic symbol than the windmill of days gone by. Of course, we tend to think of the windmills as “old”, and truly, many of them are, but plenty of windmills are still in use today.

Some of the windmills that have served their time are simply left in place to let time take its toll on them. A select few, however, are more fortunate and have been preserved at the Lubbock Windmill Museum in Lubbock Texas. There, they have been restored to their former glory and operation, and they once again spin in the winds, recalling their glory days for all to see.

This photograph was made on a clear spring night; I was enchanted by the deep, rich blue of the clear sky, and the silhouette of a few of the windmills against it. For me, the strong colors recall a rich past.

If you are ever in the area of Lubbock, the windmills always appreciate the company.

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