Lost Fishing


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The autumn was absolutely perfect, and the fisherman pushed off the shore of Lost Lake in Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest to try his luck. The morning sun was still low in the cloudless sky, the temperature was quite moderate, especially for a fall day, and surely the fish would be biting.

He drifted into the center of the small lake; he was the only one on the lake this day, although soon enough more fishermen were likely to follow. He paddled to where to he figured the center was, and paused there, considering his options. A school of fish crossed right in front of his boat, headed for the far shore! Without hesitation he headed after them and cast his line into the lake.

The fish, however, were wise to the ways of men, and ignored the lure. The fisherman, not being wise to the ways of the fish, pulled in his line and attached a different lure. This one, he reasoned, the fish could not ignore. They lazily jumped to the side of the boat, which let him know what they thought of that lure. The man put on a third lure, although the results were exactly the same.

In the end, the fisherman simply drifted and enjoyed the fall colors. It was a good day for everyone.

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