Little Sur


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Big Sur, California. The very name conjures up images of sweeping landscapes stretching into Pacific Ocean, replete with sandy beaches and perfectly formed clouds in the background. And although that sounds exactly like Big Sur, creating that image isn’t nearly as easy as one might think.

That’s precisely why I adore this photograph of the Little Sur River where it encounters the Pacific Ocean. For me, everything comes together right at this point, creating an iconic view of an iconic location.

The spring day was absolutely perfect in all regards. The foggy morning had finally given way to sunny skies, although the mountains that stretched into the sea held onto the fog, and the few clouds that they have gathered overnight, as long as they could. The spring-green grasses were alive this morning, and you could feel the life beneath your feet. The blue, blue, blue of the ocean met the white, or at least whitish, sandy beach, and the lazy river meandered its way into the ocean.

This scene, to me, represents all that is beautiful about this magnificent coastline. I hope that within it you find the peace and contentment of this perfect morning.

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