Landing Dove


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The curve-billed thrasher was just sitting there, enjoying the sun on a lazy spring morning in southern Arizona. The day was certainly going to be a hot one, but at the moment, it was a pleasant, peaceful temperature, and all was right with the world. Bird calls could be heard all about, but none of them showed any cause for alarm. Then all went dead silent.

The next sound was that of wings unfurled against the breeze, and in the silence, that was quite the racket. The thrasher, caught completely off guard, could only glance up at the imposing dove that was coming for a landing, and, apparently, landing right on top of the thrasher!

Normally, we think of dove as a peaceful, gentle birds, and we associate white ones with peace. But any bird, in the right circumstances, can look menacing. Just imagine what the thrasher must have been thinking!

However, the dove landed peacefully, gently, next to the other bird, tucked in its wings, and both enjoyed a few more moments of the wonderful day together.

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