Keyhole’s Solstice


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The California coastline features some of the most picturesque views you could ever imagine. Low, rolling hills slide gently into the ocean, forming tranquil vistas. Steep, jagged cliffs meet the Pacific head on, creating dramatic scenes, replete with crashing surf. There are also intimate scenes that take one’s breath away, such as this view.

This is Keyhole Arch, which isn’t an official name, but rather the name that some people call it. It is, all in all, quite small and most days quite unremarkable. It cuts right through the middle of a rock just off the shore near Big Sur, California and it neat to watch the waves crash through the archway.

However, once a year at the Winter Solstice, for just a few prime days, the sun lines up perfectly through the arch, creating this dazzling effect. The light beam shines through the arch, catches the drops of water cascading in the air, and in the process creating a surreal moment in time.

I enjoy finding places like this that hold secrets, and even more so when those secrets are revealed just once a year.

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