Kebler’s Reds


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Kebler Pass in Gunnison County, Colorado, provides one of the most amazing fall color locations anywhere. With mountainsides bathed in the rich colors of aspens, fall color is everywhere around you.

Partway through the pass is a rock feature known as “The Dyke”. Sticking straight up from the mountainside, extending it into the sky, these rocks provide a backdrop for the aspens that travel up the mountainside. As fall begins, splashes of color appear, including a beautiful stand of red aspens.

What attracted me to this scene was not the display of the expected fall yellows, but the mixture of greens, yellow, hints of orange, and, of course, the reds. I like the contrast of the red and the green. Put the deep blue sky behind and one has an explosion of color. Moreover, it reminds me of fall’s beginning, rather than its end, and provides the sense of anticipation for tomorrow.

Colorado has any number of locations which are perfect for aspens, and choosing one over the other is merely a matter of taste. Still, the dyke and its reds always make me happy.

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