Kebler’s Path


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Few, if any, can resist the allure and temptation to walk into an aspen grove. After all, it is warm, inviting, and somehow comforting, and the urge to head off into one seems to be part and parcel of who we are. When there is a path leading off into a grove, it is a forgone conclusion as to what will happen next.

This particular aspen grove is on Kebler Pass, a seasonal road linking Crested Butte, Colorado with, well, somewhere else. The unimproved road leads off from Crested Butte, travels up and over the pass, through an aspen grove, and then to–come to think of it, it doesn’t matter because as you pass through the aspen grove, you’ll come across this path and that will be that. Before you know it, you too will be on the path, headed into the woods to see what wonders lay beyond, or perhaps to simply meander down it on your own journey to peace and tranquility.

The sun was warm this fall day, making a jacket completely superfluous. The faint call of distant birds carried through the still air, barely audible over the whispering and muttering of the forest itself. The sun streamed through the trees, lighting the way, and the well-trod path stretching deeper. I took off down the path myself, on my own journey, but I’ll be waiting for you just up ahead.

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