Kebler’s Oranges


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Kebler Pass in the Gunnison National Forest, Colorado, provides one of the most amazing fall color locations anywhere.

What was interesting about this year, however, was the plethora of orange aspen. Normally, aspen turn golden yellow in the fall, or, if you are lucky, a beautiful shade of red. Yet, this year, the color orange was quite prominent, which suited me more than fine.

This scene really struck me; I love the gently rounded, still-green hill. The year had been warmer than usual, which perhaps contributed to the orange. In any event, the warm days and nights allowed the grasses to grow longer than usual. The extraordinary blue skies really set off the stand of aspens, and to me, the scene was absolutely perfect.

Kebler pass remains one of my favorite places for aspen, and over the years I have made many awesome photographs there. This one, however, is one of my all time favorites.

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