Ironton’s Fire


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Ironton, Colorado, has had its moment in the sun, and that moment is long past. Ironton, to most, is merely a distant memory, a fading one, as the town itself fades away into the history books.

All that remains these days are a few buildings, most of which are in disrepair and crumbling. A couple, however, have been stabilized and preserved in the interest of history. Nestled off US Highway 550 in the shadow of Red Mountain, the townsite is at peace now, resting.

But there was always a bit of fire to Ironton. It was hustling and bustling and its miners worked many of the nearby mines. With over 1,000 residents, or so those who remember say, it served the area well and was a major transportation hub. You wouldn’t know it, of course, from the remains, but if you stop and and listen you can feel the town, and you can feel the fire it must have had.

The fire hasn’t truly gone out, either. Today it lives on in a red aspen just at the edge of the town. To me, the fiery red aspen reminds me that Ironton still has much to offer, and is still alive.

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