Ironton Road


Original, lab-processed photograph of Yavapai Sunset with a metallic finish. All matted photographs are double matted using acid-free mats. Fine art plaques are ready-to-hang and come with everything needed to mount.

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There is something profoundly compelling about traveling a road that leads into the trees, especially when you can’t quite see around the next corner. Where does the road lead? Do we have much further to go? What shall we see around that bend? What adventures lie just before us?

Naturally, we can’t let such vital questions go, so we have to drive on down the road to answer them for ourself. After all, the answers are essential.

We can quickly answer a couple of the questions, however. This road leads to the long-abandoned town of Ironton, Colorado which lies just around the bend. Ironton, in its heyday, was home to the miners of Red Mountain pass. Nestled among the soaring peaks, Ironton was home to over one thousand people and was a relatively large town for the area. Today, most of the town has vanished into the mists of time, including its railroad, leaving just a few houses and buildings which won’t be standing for very long.

Ironton Road, however, still takes us there, and still leads to adventure and still leads us ever onward into the dim recesses of days long gone by.

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