Intense Pygmy


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There are, probably, close to a million euphemisms comparing size to everything else. In all of these, the common theme is that the size of something, often someone, has nothing at all to do with their attitude, or capability, or whatever is being compared. Clearly, though, every single one of these has to draw inspiration from the Pygmy Owl.

These guys are small, and are just a few inches high and they weight just a few ounce. But… they don’t know that. And even if you could tell them, they simply would not believe you.

Case in point: this wonderful Pygmy Owl hosted by Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico. Sure, he’s on the small side. But one day they put him next to a Great Horned Owl–a bird of prey many, many, many times larger. Most birds would cower in fear. Most birds would do the sensible thing and leave immediately. Most birds would figure, and rightly so, that their number is up. But, of course, not this fellow. When he was next to the Great Horned Owl he sized it up. He measured it. He studied it. And then. And then he decided to have a Great Horned Owl snack. They are afraid of nothing, will take on prey far larger than them, and are one of the fiercest predators there is. And they have proved right the euphemisms on size many times over.

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