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Looking out across the floor of Monument Valley it is easy to forget, exactly where, or even when, you are. It is hard to remember that you are on Planet Earth, or in North America, or the state of Arizona or Utah (depending on where you happen to be standing). It is hard to remember that it is not the time of the dinosaurs, too, and it would not be completely unexpected to see one lumber from out in between the rocks over yonder. The landscape is ethereal and distance, both in time and space, yet… despite that, here it is before us.

The spires that reach up from this section of Monument Valley do so with the hope of touching the sky. This is not an impossible dream, for their brethren next to them do just that, or so it seems. And make no mistake about it, either, for although these spires look fairly small, they are, in fact, not at all. They are each significant in their own right, but when everything around is even bigger, it is understandable how one’s sense of scale is a little skewed.

Monument Valley has been the inspiration for so much of our Southwest vision, and rightfully so.

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