Ice Goose




The canada goose. It is one of the most common birds in North America, yet, despite that, seeing one, especially in flight, is a treat. Their distinctive honking lets you know they are coming from a long ways off, and that just adds to the thrill of spotting them in their ā€œVā€ formation as they fly overhead.

As impressive as it is to see them flying overhead, it is also impressive to see a single one take to the wing and begin their flight in front of you. Such is the case of these fine specimen at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It launched off of a low cliff at the shore of Yellowstone Lake, not so far from where the Yellowstone River begins. It is early June, and the ice is just beginning to break up, lending a dramatic background to a beautiful sight.

With quick, powerful strokes, its wings quickly lift it up and over the frozen lake. Alone at takeoff, that situation does not last for long, for its companions joined it quickly in a rustle and whoosh of wings; in the blink of an eye the lake now sports perhaps twenty or so birds heading out.

But the powerful image of the first one to take flight lingers on.

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