Hunt’s Panorama


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Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation is an extraordinary place. It’s soaring, towering buttes rise high above the desert floor, each one a monument to greatness. Standing at the base of a monument is a sobering experience as you ponder how, exactly, they were formed. Your own sense of place it deeply affected when you look straight up at a one thousand foot monolith.

Hunt’s Mesa offers an incredible vantage point where you can see out across the valley, and gives you an even greater sense of scale and grandeur than when you stand among them. Now the massive monuments lay before you, scattered this way and that, sprawled out across the desert floor. This late afternoon view, made just after a passing summer storm, encompasses almost all of Monument Valley.

The journey itself to Hunt’s Mesa is not an easy one, to say the least. You do not casually decide to head up the mesa, as there are no real roads, only a vague sense of a path leading up to the top. Even then, the “path” is downright treacherous in some spots, making the journey one needs to be committed to. However, once there, the views are more than worth it and provides an even greater sense of the beauty that is Monument Valley.

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