Hunting Fox


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Nature has her own way of focusing your attention, especially when you are a fox. Without a successful hunt, well, the evening meal will be but a memory. That will not do. Not at all.

So, it is off to the hunt one goes, as this particular fox is in the middle of. Its attention is rapt and its focus absolute as it begins to locate possible prey. Standing completely still, all senses attuned to a singular spot, it begins its investigation.

This vignette played out in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming, in a far corner of the park. It was late afternoon on a cold, windy spring day (all contradictory words, normally, but not here, and not at this time of the year) when the fox came out to forage. Nothing much seemed to be moving, but the fox had a completely different idea about that… it came over a bit of snow, skirted a mountain, and was intently hunting.

After a few moments, the fox realized that there was nothing there; it turned and without a sound nor a whisper moved into the brush, vanishing without a trace. Happy hunting!

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