Hummingbird Flight


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Hummingbirds are not the easiest bird in the world to get a good shot of. The tend to be really, really fast (as you can imagine) and don’t always stay in one place. Catching one in flight, then, is a little bit harder.

Oh, it might seem simple at first. Walk outside with camera in hand, set up, wait a moment for the perfect specimen to come right to you, take the picture, and head inside for a good glass of lemonade, for that is hot and strenuous work. Yeah. That and a few dollars will get you a cup of coffee. It just didn’t work out that way at all.

In real life, as it turned out, I ended up being exceptionally patient, sitting as still as could be, thinking thoughts like “I am a hummingbird. I am a hummingbird. I am crazy. No, er, a hummingbird.” Eventually, the hummingbirds that wandered by began to accept that I was in fact, crazy, no, er a hummingbird and largely began to ignore me.

At long last, this gorgeous male Anna’s Hummingbird came by and at long last the shutter button was finally used. The lemonade never tasted so good.

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