Hello, Moon


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“Hello, Moon,” said the tree. “It’s been a while since you’ve been around.”

“Hello, Tree,” said the Moon. “I’ve been a little bit busy ‘round the other side, you see. I hurried back as soon as I could, of course, and, well, here I am.” The Tree understood, for this particular cycle had been happening for as long as it could remember, and quite probably longer than that. Still, the Tree missed the Moon when it was away and the nights were a lit bit colder, and a lot more lonelier for all that. The sky was just so much more…alive…when the Moon was there.

The two enjoyed the companionable silence for a little while; good friends that they were words were not always needed. The Moon continued the ascent into the sky; Tree leaned a little closer so as not to miss a word, should a word be said. It wasn’t. But neither seemed to mind. Tree continued a slight lean; not so much that passerby would remark, but enough that passerby, if they were so inclined, would notice.

The evening began to pass, all to quickly. “See you again tomorrow, Moon?” Tree whispered into the night. “Of course,” came the gossamer response upon the breeze. And floating back: “Goodnight, Moon.”

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