Hanging Lake


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Imagine seeing a small, clear, swift moving stream before you. Nothing too special there, of course, for across our country there are countless such places and streams. Even knowing that this particular stream is in northern Colorado doesn’t narrow it down too much, since it seems that small, swift moving streams are everywhere there (and in fact, they are). But if you happen to look up (yes, up) from this stream 1,000 feet (yes, 1,000 feet) or so, you would see (if you could in fact, see it from down below) the wonder that is Hanging Lake.

Hanging Lake is just that… hanging. It is nestled in a geological fault 1,00 feet above the floor of Glenwood Canyon, and it is magical for all that. Fed by twin waterfalls, the it boasts a beautiful aquamarine color and an absolute feeling of calm and serenity. By any standard, it is a true marvel to behold. The shoreline is mainly travertine, which gives the water its extraordinary, and very unusual, color. The water is beyond crystal clear and if didn’t have the ripples from the falls you would never know it was there. The next time you see a small stream at your feet, don’t forget to look up–you just never know when there is a lake there.

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