Guadalupe’s Arroyo


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Guadalupe Mountains National Park, in Texas, is known for its fall colors. On a beautiful fall day, the most popular area of the park, McKittrick Canyon, sees plenty of visitors as they hike the canyon and enjoy the colors, and the canyon becomes quite crowded. Yet, the park is far more than just this one canyon.

At the far northern end of the park lies another small canyon called Dog Canyon. It is not readily accessible, and the journey there, even by car, is a long one. Most people simply don’t go there, for the other areas of the park are far easier to see. Yet, Dog Canyon has a beauty and a charm, and is easily one of the park’s better secrets.

This photograph was made in a small arroyo in Dog Canyon. Water has flowed through this arroyo before, and it is subject to some violent flooding. Today, however, there is no trace of water, nor has there been for a bit, and all is calm and serene. The leaves are in the process of falling to ground, and the different maples turned at different times, making for this wonderful pattern of leaves on the white river rocks of the arroyo.

Guadalupe’s Arroyo will be our little secret, OK?

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