Grosbeak Song


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If you are happy, let the world know it. When it comes down to it, is there any better way to express your happiness than song?

This evening grosbeak in Tijeras, New Mexico, clearly thinks so. She’s happy as can be and singing, not very softly, as she is perched on a branch. She’s got a lot to be happy about, too. It is a warm spring day, and the warm gentle breeze has swept the chill of winter far away. Food is plentiful, and she knows exactly where a stash of sunflower seeds are, her favorite, so there are no concerns about foraging. Perhaps best of all she knows that a certain male has its eye on her.

Her song is loud, clear and happy.

The evening grosbeaks range throughout the United States as well as the western half of Mexico. Their bright yellow plumage is quite eye-catching, and in flight they are hard to miss. That streak of yellow that just streaked by was quite likely one of these. After a moment, her song was joined by that of the male she was hoping for, and now there were two streaks of yellow in the sky.

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