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The gila woodpecker is a very beautiful woodpecker indeed. What makes it most remarkable is its zebra-striped back; its feathers form a striped pattern which can be almost dizzying to look at. I particularly enjoy this view of the male woodpecker, since it perfectly shows the gorgeous patterns of the feathers.

The gila woodpecker is a resident of the Sonoran Desert, and is well adapted to that environment. It tends to make its nest in cavities it hollows out, especially in the tall saguaro cactus. These cool, dark cavities are perfect for laying, and protecting the eggs. Other desert dwellers, such as owls, enjoy the abandoned nests, and will take them over for themselves, making the gila a wonderful bird to follow. After all, why not let the gila do all the work, and have a ready-made home for the next person?

The gila woodpecker is an adaptable bird as well. It’s diet consists of insects, but it will accept any number of other items, from seeds it finds to the dog food that someone left outside! Because of this adaptability, the woodpecker continues to thrive, despite human encroachment on its territories.

Males will loudly drum on whatever they can find, which serves to announce to everyone within earshot, which can be quite a long ways, especially if they decide to drum on metal, whose territory this is. The sound echoes loudly, yet is a very welcome one for all that.

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