Fox Walk


Original, lab-processed photograph of a red fox with a metallic finish. All matted photographs are double matted using acid-free mats. Fine art plaques are ready-to-hang and come with everything needed to mount.



The red fox is an extraordinary animal. Small, compact and sleek, this canine is bright and intelligent. There is even some archeological evidence that the fox was the man’s first best friend, and it appears that early humans may have domesticated the fox before the wolf. It makes sense, because the fox has many of the traits that early man would have desired. In modern times, efforts have been successfully made to domesticate the fox once again, so perhaps, one day, the fox will return to its place by our side.

This gorgeous female, however, lives wild and free in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. She is, and rightfully so, wary of man, although she is not overly afraid, either. This made for a perfect setting for me, as I was able to observe, and photograph, her without interfering with her.

Fox Walk was made as she was walking in my general direction. She was still a long ways off, and although she undoubtedly knew I was there, she was headed to a spot just in front of her, and not close to me at all. When photographing wildlife, it is important to not be in the way.

The fox turned to the right and walked on into her day.

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