Forest Path


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In all respects, the fall day was peaceful. It was sunny and bright, and the sun was checking its watch from time to time, for soon enough it was quitting time, and almost time to complete its westward journey. The tranquility of the day extended to the deep forest, too, for within its comforting confines, all was calm and serene.

The path before me led deeper yet into the woods, calling me, beckoning me, motioning me ever onward, yet not at a hurried pace. The day simply did not call for being in a hurry. The quiet murmur of the forest surrounded me: the gentle call of the birds off the distance; the faint rustling of leaves as some creature no doubt foraged for its dinner; and the whisper of a breeze tantalizing me with its closeness, yet far away, both at the same time. All of these combined into an excellent fall afternoon.

The colors! We can’t forget the colors! Since it was early fall, there was a wide variety of color to appease my eyes; the greens, still, of summer, were everywhere. So where the yellow and golden colors of fall. And interspersed throughout were the red of the big tooth maple, a counter point to the other fall colors, and outlining the forest path ahead of me. I walked down the path and into the evening.

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