Foggy Pier


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Personally, I really love the story this photograph tells. The San Simeon Pier, near San Simeon, California, stretches into the water on a typical foggy morning. The fog was relatively thick this particular morning, and heavy; it seemed to roll in and cling to everything around it, holding tightly onto it, and not letting go. It suited me just fine.

As I was scouring the beach, the pier rose as a murky, distant shape further ahead of me. Approaching, it begrudgingly began giving up its details, eventually revealing itself to be a pier. No one, save myself, was out and about this morning, but that was their loss. The silence and serenity of a foggy morning is to be treasured! The pier was left alone to its thoughts, too, as no one ventured out to see if it still had an end out beyond the fog. Perhaps the pier ended in yesterday?

Out in the fog I could feel the steamships of days gone by preparing to dock. I could hear the shouts of excited passengers echo and the sounds of sailors preparing to dock echo across the years. I could sense the ships coming in, and feel the excitement in the air as people rushed to the pier to greet the new arrival. Tearing myself away, I stayed in the present and continued down the foggy beach.

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