Foggy Garden




The Superstition Mountains have a long and storied history–there’s Gold in them there hills, you know. Or, at least, that’s what the rumors hold out. On a misty foggy day (not that the Superstitions see many of those), the mountains loom foreboding and mysterious, and any gold they might harbor is certainly lost in the fog. What is not lost in the fog, however, is the blooming cactus of the desert; this clump of chollo and prickly pears (with a couple of saguaros making a cameo appearance), plus a few bright yellow flowers hold forth in their own cheery garden.

But is there, really, gold in the Superstitions? Legend has it that there is… lots of legends in fact. There abound any number of stories where a guy knows a guy who has a map showing where the treasure trove is located. A shovel, a short expedition, and not a great deal of work will bring about untold wealth and riches; of course, so far, no one can actually claim this treasure.

But perhaps the treasure is not the type the springs from gold or silver or precious metals. Perhaps, just perhaps, the treasure comes from the small gems from places and scenes like Foggy Garden–proving that there is treasure in the hills, no doubt.

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