Foggy Fishing


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California is renowned for its fog; fog rolling in, or out, is interwoven deeply into a myriad of stories. The story of this particular fishing boat, just off the coastline of San Simeon, is one of those.

It was early morning, and although the sun was making its journey into the sky, it was invisible to the fisherman. The heavy blanket of fog lay over everything, obscuring the landscape, and for that matter, everything beyond a couple of feet. Just beyond the bow of the boat it was nearly impossible to tell where the water was, and difference between air and sea was narrower than most times. The fishermen, however, were used to these circumstances and rigged the boat for its journey.

With not even a whisper it glided through the still waters; the fog stole whatever sounds the boat dared to make. Creeping its way forward it kept on a heading that would, hopefully, take it out to sea and its fishing grounds, although anywhere out of the fog bank would probably be just as fine.

After a few moments the boat was swallowed by the fog, making me wonder if it was ever really there in the first place for foggy fishing, or if it was just another foggy story.

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