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You might expect to locate it by looking up in the trees. Or you might expect that the sound of the woodpecker would draw you to its tree of choice. But if you are looking for the gilded flicker, neither of these will help you find one. Instead, the flicker is likely to be on the ground, foraging for ants and beetles It certainly makes you wonder why it is classified as a woodpecker at all, yet it is.

This handsome fellow took a moment out of his schedule to pose for me on snowy winter day. Obliging my silent request, he hopped up on a branch, turning this way and that, until his best side was toward me. Then, with the skill of a seasoned model, he held his pose until I had made this photograph. Once complete, I thanked him and as he hopped off the branch to continue his foraging.

The gilded flicker can be seen primarily around the Southwest, although his cousins, such as the more common northern flicker, can be seen across North America.

Before I knew it, he uttered his characteristic “kew-kew” and flew off again. “Goodbye, Mr. Flicker,” I said. “I’ll see you again soon.”

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