Finch Fellows


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There is something so fun about the house finch. A small bird, they seem to be quite active and even playful. They flitter about with an abundance of energy, and it seems that they never, ever sit still, at least not for long. The male’s bright red chest provides that perfect splash of color, and they are one of my favorite birds to watch and enjoy.

And to photograph, too.

These fine finch fellows gathered on a couple of pieces of cholla cactus, somewhere south of Tucson in southern Arizona. It was a perfect spring day, warm yet not too warm, the faintest whisper of all breezes to keep the air moving, and a blue sky above. Food was aplenty, so foraging was not a problem, and that seemed to leave a little extra time in the day for play.

Much to my delight, these three just stayed in the branches and sang to whomever would listen. And since they are active, they were all doing their own separate thing, which made for this fun and playful photograph. Here’s to blue skies and warm days!

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