Finch Duo


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I am always excited when I can make a photograph of a mated pair of animals. This pair of finches was no exception, and every time I look at it, I smile.

I encountered this pair in southern Arizona, not far away from the Mexican border. I watched as first one, then the other, would fly to a branch or other resting place. Where one went, the other followed. The male and the female, it seemed, took turns leading off, but in the end they always ended up together. At one point they landed on the above perch, tailor made for a photographic opportunity, and looked off to their right, again, tailor made for a photographic opportunity.

Who was I to not make the photograph?

And now, this pair always helps to remind me how wonderful the world is. How full of joy and tenderness it is. These may be “just” common house finches, but they certainly have the right of it.

They flew off again after a moment. But they remained together.

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