Fenced Aspen


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The fall morning just outside of Aspen, Colorado, was absolutely perfect in all respects. The temperature was best described as “exactly right,” and you were equally comfortable in shirt sleeves or a light jacket. The skies were the most brilliant blue imaginable, and allowed the bright morning sun to stream down unimpeded, lighting and warming the land. The colors were exceptionally vibrant, or perhaps that was just my joyous mood making them that way. Either way, the morning was one of those mornings you always hope for.

This stand of aspen growing inside of a double fence caught my eye. I stood there, admiring the scene before me, drinking it all in. I looked this way and that, examining the aspens from all angles before I decided upon this one. The photograph almost made itself after that. Almost.

The rest of the day played out as the morning promised and was as a fine of a day as anyone could hope for. I think it was because my morning started out with aspens, and this photograph. In the end, there is no better place, perhaps, to photograph aspens than Aspen, Colorado. In any event, it is a fitting tribute to that most wonderful tree.

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